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23 February 2020 @ 07:21 pm

Welcome to kamepi_chan aka Ellie's journal
If you're looking for videos subbed by me, please go to redthreaddreams.

↑ no longer applies, this journal is currently inactive.
\Please mention me @Ellie_Belliee for previous subbed videos regarding KAT-TUN.
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03 May 2012 @ 02:26 am
Hey guys > . < I've been listening to JPOP recently, well more like ARASHI.
And I was wondering if you guys can link me to HD PV's of Arashi?
I found this but most are HQ like 720x480 or 640x480.
I LOVE HD so I'd love it if you guys can link me to those ^ ^

Please and thank you!
02 May 2012 @ 08:49 pm
Hey everyone ^ ^ just a quick update. I'm a fail and lazy organizer therefore all KPOP videos related to YG that I will sub will be released at YGLADIES ^ ^ I'm more consistent on the updates there so all download links will be available there from now on. I will eventually post the download links here but... I'm lazy OTL

Also, this only goes to KPOP videos related to YG. Anything JPOP video that I will sub will be released at my community redthreaddreams 

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Title: 1st Impressions
Author: kamepi_chan / @Ellie_Belliee
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG13
Summary: Inspired by Thunder and Hyorin's special stage in Vietnam-Korea Festival
Author's Note: I haven't written a fanfic in... almost 2 years so excuse my rough grammar and awkward grammar structure. Beginning of the story is also inspired by a small Thunder-Hyorin moment in Hello Baby ep3. It's recommended to watch a Thunder-Hyorin fancam first before reading this story.

* * *

Thunder wasn't paying attention. All his thoughts was focused on the shark balloon that he was trying to set up for the children. Lauren and Dayoung were a couple of feet away from him, their mouths hanging open, waiting for the shark to be in their naughty little hands. Thunder snuck a smile to this and continued to air the balloon. In the background, he could hear the rest of his members laughing and excitedly talking amongst each other as GO had called Sistar's Hyorin to get some tips about handling the three rambunctious children. Mir and Joon were immediately on their stomachs laying on the floor, listening attentively at the girl on the other side of the phone.

Once again, Thunder wasn't paying attention. He continued setting the shark up. It was as if though nothing mattered but the task at completing the toy. He didn't even lift his head up when Hyorin named Joon to be the best dad. As emphasized, he was not paying attention. In his peripheral view, he saw the ever-so-energetic Leo pounce on Joon's back when suddenly a big round of laughter finally forced him to look at his other members.

"The worst appa is... Chundoong-ssi." stated the female voice through the phone.

Thunder immediately turned his head, his mouth hanging open and mimicked the same 'o' that the children were forming earlier as they watched him set up the toy. He stared at the phone. He was thunderstruck, no pun intended. Seungho clapped his hands in laughter and G.O. pointed at him whilst laughing. With the shark balloon in his hand, the tallest MBLAQ member walked towards the main vocal and grabbed the phone, a hidden scowl forming on his mouth.

"Wait, hello?", he said on the phone.

"Wasn't I right?' came the female reply. Thunder exhaled a sharp sigh to this and placed the phone closer to his ear.

"You're wrong." he retorted, a bitter smile on his face. "I'm one of the favourites of the three." He could hear laughter reverberating from the phone and couldn't help but laugh as well. GO began to take his phone back and bid Hyorin goodbye. The chattering quickly resumed and the model-like idol shrugged off the incident, resuming tying the knot on the tail of the shark. He didn't need to pay attention to that. Dayoung was already hanging around him as she waited for the toy in his hands and everything else went back to the way it was.

Thunder didn't care about the call at all. He wasn't interested in the female idol nor were they were friends in the first place to feel any resentment at all.

Of course not.

* * *

MBLAQ was in their practice room taking a rest after murderously practicing their 'RUN' follow-up song for a music show. G.O was immediately on his phone texting away as expected, while Mir was wheezing, huffing and puffing on the floor, complete exagerrating. Thunder, on the other hand, immediately sat on an empty spot in a corner and pulled out his Macbook. He opened the music composing program he had installed and immediately went to work. Being an idol wasn't easy and completely took up his time. He needed to practice on composing songs and creating lyrics.

Music was his passion and drive. He wanted to present MBLAQ songs that they all can be proud of and also for their fans, who'd been with them through thick and thin, to enjoy.

"Ya! Chundoong-ah, are you listening to me?"

Thunder lifted his head up and lowered the headphones he had been wearing. Everyone was looking at him and he hung his mouth open in confusion. This resulted for to Joon hit him on the head and for his other members to laugh return.

"W-What? Did something happen?", he asked as he closed the top lid of his Macbook.

Their manager chuckled and pinched the bridge of his nose, pretending to be upset. He exhaled and looked at the young man with a smile. "You'll be teaming up with Sistar's Hyorin for a special stage in the Vietnam-Korea Festival."

The MBLAQ members bore their eyes at the fake maknae, expecting a grand reaction. But Thunder simply stared at his manager and then to his members. "Who? Byunghee hyung?"

G.O. scoffed at this and mimicked their manager who had now placed his hands on his hips. "Ya, were you not listening?"

The tall member of MBLAQ innocently and simply shook his head. Mir suddenly clutched his shoulders in aggravation and wailed a loud screech. He crumpled Thunder's shirt beneath his palms and imitated the look on the 'Scream' painting.



This elicited more annoyed scoffs from his other members and more shaking of the heads. Thunder processed the information on his head and bit his lower lip.

Him... and Sistar's Hyorin...?

He then raised his head, pulled his trademark smooching-lip face and looked at his manager.

"I understand. When will we start practising the choreo?"

The MBLAQ members and manager dropped their mouths open to this and looked at the careless rapper. Thunder plugged his earphones back in his ears and propped open his Macbook once more, totally ignoring the surprised faces of the people around him. He briskly resumed composing and was greeted with the thumping bass of the notes. He couldn't hear the comments his members were saying about being jealous for being able to dance with Hyorin or also how he wasn't a normal person for not freaking about it.

* * *

"Oh, are you nervous?", Thunder asked the brown haired girl in front of him. He saw her clasp her hands in nervousness and beam him with that bright yet cautious smile.

"A-Anieyo." she replied. Hyorin immediately patted her bangs down and looked up at him. "We practised so much. We're going to be fine." she added, much more to herself than to the tall man in front of her.

"You just touched your bangs again for the 10th time in the last 5 minutes." Thunder commented, making the girl look up at him in confusion.

Hyorin didn't know how to take the comment. She looked in his eyes and couldn't sense any sarcasm or any playfulness. Was he teasing her or was he being sincere? That was the thing with Thunder, she thought, after practising with him for the last couple of weeks, the boy was unreadable. When she thought he was teasing her, it would be the exact opposite. When she thought he was serious, he was being playful instead.

He was weird.

The Sistar member unknowingly pouted at this and looked nervously at the stage a couple feet away from them. She was sporting a knited black sweater on top and short black glittery shorts to match it with. The sweater lowly hung over her left shoulder, exposing her bra strap and smooth skin. She felt the cold breeze produced from the air conditioner passing by her legs next to them. In the back of her mind, she also noticed that Thunder seemed unfazed by her outfit.

"Probably seen a lot.", she muttered under her breath.

Hyorin quickly glanced at the tall idol next to her and studied his model-like features. He was wearing all black to match with her outfit. It was similar to a trenchcoat yet his sleeves were similar to fish-nets and made it impossible not to see his refined muscles underneath. His disheveled autumn hair partly covered his right eye and his stark porcelain-like skin was just too much of a contrast to her tanned skin. Her eyes followed his long arms up to his broad shoulders and slowly up to his statue-like face. Their eyes locked and for the next couple of seconds, time seemed to stop. The buzzing of the staff screaming out instructions to the other artists and the booming sound of the artist performing at the moment were unheard. They were alone.

"Hyorin, standby!"

Their train of thoughts were shattered and Hyorin immediately propped her head up, following the staff who guided her to the stage, leaving and unnoticing a smiling Thunder behind.

* * *

Everything was happening too fast. Hyorin remembered sitting on the white bench and waiting for their performance to start. The fans seemed to have endlessly screamed her and Thunder's name. And then the song played and everything else was just a hazy blur.

She lightly remembered of Thunder walking in with a big grin on his face and extending out his arms to her. Was that part of their choreography, she couldn't remember. His scent continued to dance around her as her body basked in his longs arms surround her while his broad chest was pressed against her back. It seemed to her that they've probably embraced more than she count with her two hands.

The song was still playing and due to the constant practicing they both had done the past couple of days, her body danced to the beat unconsciously. It was though her body was moving according to the song but her brain was thinking of the carefull caresses Thunder had made her feel. She could still the warmth in her stomach as one of his hands carefully glided over it and her cheeks turning crimson when the highlight of their performance was flowing into her mind. It was the backflip where her lower half was being supported solely by Thunder and his face was literally just centimeters away from her stomach and chest.

She was uncomfortably hot and she knew her entire face must be similar to the colour of a tomato.

I just wanna show you off~
Show you off~
Show you off~

The music continued to play and she knew their performance was nearing its end. They were walking back to the white bench, to enact the last hug and her hand slid on his hip and as well, his hand on her hip.

Show you off~
Show you off~

They sat down, his knee against her knees. Their hands still wrapped around each other. Hyorin turned another shade darker to what she was about to do and unconsciously smiled. She wrapped her hands around Thunder's neck and hid her face at the crook of his milky neck.Thunder as well comfortably wrapped his long sturdy arms around her back and puller her into him.

Time seemed to stop once again. They could feel each other's rapid heartbeats, the temperature rising and the heated breaths. What was planned to be just a 2-3 second hug, turned out to be a very tight and longing 6 second hug.

When both finally noticed the deafening screams of the audience and the song disappearing, Hyorin pulled back, her head down but her eyes looking up past her long lashes at Thunder. She was beaming a shy smile. There were so much to see in those eyes and so much emotions in that smile. And when she looked up, her face mere inches from Thunder's. She heard,

"Am I still the worst appa?"

Thunder shortened the distanced between their faces and when Hyorin thought her heart was going to stop and her imagination ran wild. Thunder suddenly stood up, initiating to walk back to behind the stage and officially end their performance. Hyorin was a professional and immediately followed suit. Though a little shocked, she knew she was clearly smiling. She flung her hair to the side, feeling hot, and walked back behind the stage with the man on her mind trailing behind her.

She couldn't hear the endless screaming of the fans or the praises of the staff, the only thing ringing in her her ears, her mind and her heart was Thunder's last words.

* * * END * * *

Author's Note: So how did you guys like it? Like I said, I haven't written a fanfic in almost 2 years so my literary skills aren't very good right now. I really wanted to read some Thunder-Hyorin fanfiction but no one seemed to like and write them, and so I did. I hope you guys liked it ^ ^ I suggest you guys watch one of the fancams to get a good feel of this story. Also, I don't know if I should make this into a multi-chaptered fanfiction or simply a one-shot. I'm horrible in updating so... I'll think about it.

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Erm, this is extremely sudden but. . .


Well, its not really sudden but I have been thinking of it. Why? Because of fan-subbing. 
As you guys know, FANSUBBING isn't exactly legal. So from now on, whenever I release something new (a video most likely) in my community, I shall start locking my posts after 3 days. 
All past video posts will eventually be locked. I will also LOOK AT EVERY MEMBER RIGHT NOW and delete who are inactive, has empty journals, spams or irrelevant to my fandoms.

As for my personal journal, I will only lock video posts that contain download links. Whatever graphics and fanfiction in my journal will be open. 

More information will be posted... eventually. I'm very busy right now so this process will take me some time. I don't think this will be much of a change to your lives since I hardly post anything in LJ the past couple of months.

안녕~ ^ ^
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